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Raising money for a charity or good cause takes more than just a nice idea and a money box. Your heart might be in the right place, but you might find surprises at every step that you weren’t prepared for, or you might just be overwhelmed trying to choose from the number of options you have.

If done correctly, a fundraiser can not only be really beneficial to the chosen cause, but it can also be a lot of fun for you and your friends, family and local community! We highly recommend getting a group together and trying to raise some money for a deserving cause, but what fundraising event should you run?

Christmas Bingo

Christmas Bingo is the perfect way to get together with friends and family to enjoy some festive fun, whilst raising money for great causes. Read our guide with downloadable resources to find out how you can make this an extra magical activity.

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Bingo Night

A bingo night fundraiser is a simple and engaging way to raise money for good causes that’s fun for all ages. Check out our 12-part guide that can help you every step of the way!

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Charity Quiz Night

The possibilities are endless when it comes to hosting a charity quiz night, from themed quizzes, fancy dress and raffles. Read our guide and get quizzing!

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Charity Skydive

What better way to raise money than a charity skydive? Our guide will see that you raise plenty of money and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

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Summer Fete

School Summer fairs are a great way to raise money. Read our tips, tricks and advice that will help you to host a successful school fair!

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Casino Night

A charity casino night is a chance for people to get together and play classic casino games and raise money! Read our complete guide here.

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Santa Run

With our helpful tips and advice, you can organise a Santa Run that will be great fun for everyone involved and raise money for good causes!

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Charity Race Night

Hosting a charity race night is a popular fundraising idea and a fun way to spend an evening, without even going to Ascot! Read our full guide here.

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Bake Sale

What better to bring people together and raise funds for charity, than running a bake sale? Read our guide and get ready to channel your inner Mary Berry!

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Poker Night

When you run a charity poker night, the big winner is your chosen charity! Read our complete guide on how to host a charity poker tournament.

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Charity Walk

A charity walk is a popular way to raise awareness and money for good causes. Read our complete guide to ensure your charity walk is one to remember!

Additional fundraising guides

Each of our fundraising ideas guides is comprehensive and packed full of information, however we also have a series of shorter fundraising guides to help with some quick questions or offer some snappier ideas lists.

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