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Welcome to Keep Fundraising, your new favourite resource for fundraising ideas and advice. Whether you’re raising money for a charity, a local cause or for a single person, you’ll find all the information you need in our comprehensive fundraising ideas guides.

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Fundraising is fun, easy and, most importantly, life changing. Even something as simple as a coffee morning can make a difference in someone’s life, so why not start today?

Fundraising can be small and personal, can benefit the local community, allow youth programmes and sports teams to grow and develop, or change the world through larger charity organisations.

Whatever cause matters to you, your fundraising work matters to them.

Why fundraise?

Even the smallest causes can change someones life for the better
Benefit and improve your local community through a shared goal
Broadcast the message and benefits of your charity/cause
Bring people together for a day they’ll never forget
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Fundraising ideas

No matter who you’re raising funds for, there’s an event for everyone. Check out all of our comprehensive guides for organising fun and memorable charity fundraisers with your friends, family and community!

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Inspiration & advice

Our blogs and guides are designed to give helpful answers to burning questions, offer some handy advice, and include some quick fire fundraising ideas that you can turn around quickly and easily.

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Host a bingo night

A bingo night fundraiser is a simple and engaging way to raise money for good causes that we love! Our 12 step guide is designed to help you organise a fun event for your local community, with some free downloads to boot.

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Choosing a charity

The urge to fundraise can come at any time, but knowing who to raise money for can be a hurdle all by itself. Our guide can help you find local causes, so you can identify what matters most to you.

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What can you find on KeepFundraising?

Whatever kind of fundraiser you want to run, Keep Fundraising has information for you. Whether you need help getting started, want some advice on the legislation surrounding fundraising, or you just need help with the finishing touches, we’re here for you.

The journey from nice idea to organised fundraising event can be complicated and full of surprises. We’ve broken down all the steps so you can focus on what’s important.

Our site includes

Fundraising ideas and detailed event hosting guides
The important facts, presented in an easy to digest format
The awkward legal and financial talk made simple
Free, downloadable resources for advertising and hosting