25 fundraising ideas for kids

If you’re looking for exciting ways to get kids together and help bring about some good at the same time, organising an easy fundraising activity is a perfect idea!

Knowing that children love being given the chance to take part in something that makes a real difference in their local community, we’ve come up with a list of ideas for easy-to-organise and rewarding activities and events for kids.

1. Donate clothes and shoes that you do not wear anymore

An easy and fun activity that can be done with children of all ages, donating clothes and shoes that they have grown out of or simply do not need can be a great way to benefit local charity shops, shelters or second-hand shops.

2. Bring-and-buy sale

This is a chance for everyone to give something back! At these sales, kids and parents can purchase toys, books and more for small prices. It’s a great way to turn unwanted items into money for good causes. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

3. Bake sale

Calling all wannabe bakers, or those that love to cook already! Why not look into organising a bake sale, and invite other children and parents to come along and try your results! To make it extra exciting, try hosting mini competitions like best-looking muffin or most creative cake recipe. This event is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face — and if it goes well, it could easily become a regular event.

4. Quiz night

If you’re looking for an activity that is fun but also educational, think about hosting a quiz night – or a quiz afternoon for the little ones with an early bedtime. Invite the local community to attend and donate the ticket sales money to charity. Challenge your friends with standard categories like geography, books, films and sport, or get creative and come up with some interesting ones of your own.

5. Talent show

Know artistic kids who love singing, dancing, doing magic tricks or showing off any other fun talent or quirk? Encourage them through organising your own version of The X Factor, selling tickets to family members or the local community so that they can come and cheer the talented youngsters on.

6. Sports day

Whether within the school or with the help of a local sporting organisation, get out and about with a fun run or other competitive events, where children can take part in one or several sports to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise money from donations and ticket sales.

7. Photobooth session

Organise a photography session for both children and families, where through donations they will be able to create customised mugs, key rings, and framed or wallet-sized photos that will create great memories of this fundraising event.

This activity can be done as part of an after-school or weekend club or within the school. Not only is it a way of raising money for a good cause, but kids can also get to see themselves, their parents and their teachers all glammed up!

8. Art gallery

Showcase the kids’ artwork by setting up their very own art gallery at the school, an after-school club or another local venue, where children can show off their drawings either for sale or as part of a ticketed show with the donations going to charity.

9. Cooking show

If a bake sale isn’t enough to satisfy appetites, try getting involved in a cooking competition to help out a local shelter, church or book club where children can serve meals to those attending and learn some quick and healthy options for their own snack times.

10. Carnival

Who doesn’t love dressing up? This activity can be great for themed parties at times like Halloween or year-round. You could award a best costume prize or hold competitions for completing difficult tasks while dressed in silly clothes!

11. Pet show

Encourage little pet-lovers to show off their animals and compete for prizes. You could also organise a show-and-tell session for children to tell fun stories about their pets and learn more about others.

12. Christmas events

Winter weather can be tough for fundraising activities, given that not many children (or parents, for that matter) are happy to gather outside in the freezing snow or pouring rain! However, the build-up to Christmas is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together in preparation for that long-awaited half-term break. From carol-singing to pictures with Santa, work with the local community and your school to organise a charity show full of miracles!

13. Valentine’s Day events

A Valentine’s Day fundraiser is an exciting activity for everyone involved. Kids could make their own cards or chocolates to sell to others, with the money going to your chosen cause. Love is in the air!

14. Book sale

A great way to get kids to share their love of reading. You could donate the funds raised to a local library, shelter or charity.

15. Monthly collection competition

Divide a group up into teams and encourage children to donate a proportion of their pocket money to a monthly collection jar. Adding small amounts like 10p, 20p or 50p over the course of a few weeks, the team that raises the most money can then choose which charity all of the other funds will be donated to.

16. Family games night

Whether it’s Bingo or Monopoly, host a games night with families or local organisations like a care home or church, where kids can host the game themselves or simply help organise the event, raising money for your cause through ticket sales.

17. Wear your PJs day

Did we mention dress-up? Try hosting a pyjama-themed party for both children and teachers with fun activities like scary stories, films, books and games. This is great for places with a strict dress code like school uniforms or a church youth club. Those wanting to take part can be charged a small fee.

18. Parents’ night out

For a small fee, let parents have a break whilst teenage volunteers help look after younger children and host fun activities, as well as letting children hang out with their friends outside school hours!

19. Charity haircuts

Want a total makeover without the parents getting angry? Invite kids to cut their hair off for a good cause! You can donate the hair to charities which make wigs in support of alopecia-related hair loss, cancer treatment and others.

20. Summer field trip

For activities during the warmer months, take children on a day out with their after-school club or a local organisation and organise activities like a refreshing lemonade stand sale. Not only will you catch the sun, but you can also get noticed by the local community as you raise money.

21. Charity litter pick

A great chance to get out and about and do some good at the same time! You could organise this with a local council or on your own. You could even divide a group of kids into teams and allocate them a charity each.

22. Balloon race

A classic fundraising event which can also get kids learning about geography. It might take a while, but when the results come in, they will be fascinated to discover what far-off places their balloons have arrived in. Very large groups can take part, so even charging a small entry fee can end up raising large sums for charity.

23. Balloon raffle

A raffle with a difference! Inside each balloon there is a ticket with a unique number on. You could combine this with another event, popping the balloons at the end to reveal the lucky winner.

24. Spelling bee

Hold a charity spelling contest which parents and teachers can attend, to learn, have fun and show off their knowledge!

25. Charity picnic

Invite both children and adults from your community to attend a group picnic for a small fee, where kids can bring their favourite snacks and look out for the local wildlife.

In general, fundraising ideas for kids do not have to be complicated. They just have to be fun, easy to understand and helping to bring people together to support a good cause. That way, you are teaching children that the most important reward is knowing that you are helping to do the right thing, whatever the activity and however much you raise.

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