Play a Halloween game of bingo

Now that we’re able to start getting together with friends again, the chances are you’re looking ahead to organising a Halloween gathering. You might have enjoyed taking part in a charity bingo night before, but did you know it’s a great Halloween activity too?

There are lots of things you can do to take your bingo night and turn it up a notch, really getting into the theme and turning it into a hair-raising party — all while raising money for a good cause. Sink your fangs into our guide on how to upgrade your bingo night and get you and your friends full of the Halloween spirit!

We’ve also created free downloadable Halloween-themed bingo tickets to really up the fear factor! Scroll down to download these.

How to play bingo

Playing bingo is simple and easy, and doesn’t take long to set up! For full details on how to set up the game check out our complete guide to hosting a bingo night fundraiser

You can get your game together in 3 quick steps.

Step 1. Get your ghouls ready to haunt

Bring your guys, gals, and ghouls together for a night of spooks and terror! Decide on where you’re holding your gathering and how many people you’re inviting along. You could simply play among your family, or get a whole load of people together and turn your bingo night into a fully-fledged Halloween party! Why not dress up in scary Halloween costumes, make sure everyone’s drinking themed drinks, and of course, put up lots of hair-raising decorations!

You could even divide your group up into smaller ones and run a video call connecting everyone virtually.

Step 2. Dig up your tickets online

Remember, this is a Halloween bingo night, so to add an extra layer of toil and trouble you might want your bingo cards to be themed. Think cobwebs and witches, pumpkins and ghosts scattered around the card. These symbols could even take the place of some of your blank squares!  To save you the bother, we’ve come up with our own Halloween-themed bingo tickets — check them out below!


Step 3. Add some devilish twists

As ever, the first person to mark off all their numbers and call BINGO is the winner! Since this is a Halloween bingo night, why not get into the theme and have people call out ‘Boo’ for a line and ‘Haunted House’ when they have a full house as well? This is a fun way to make things a little more festive, and you could even penalise people if they don’t make the appropriate Halloween call! How’s that for a trick…

Trick or treat

As for ‘treats’, the winners of your Halloween bingo night could take home spooky sweets, mini pumpkins, witches’ hats, themed trophies and other kinds of themed goodies.

As a special Halloween twist, think about ‘tricks’ for the unluckier players. Maybe after the game has been won, you could carry on calling off numbers until you are left with one player who must then endure a forfeit. 

Free printable Halloween bingo cards & bingo calls

You may choose to generate bingo cards online using a number generator easily found with a quick search, but to keep in the Halloween spirit, think about using themed bingo tickets that you can print off. This way, there’s no time wasted in preparing your tickets and they will match your Halloween theme!

When it comes to bingo calls, there are the traditional ones that you’ll be familiar with from regular bingo games, but since this is a haunted Halloween event, you should try and make them ghastly too! 

Try and keep in the macabre spirit and use haunted style calls. We’ve put together a full list of sinister bingo calls as a guide for you, but feel free to make up your own! You could even turn this into a pre-party activity, getting your guests to come up with their own alternatives and then giving out prizes for the best ones! Check out our Haunted Halloween bingo calls cheat sheet to use to amp up the ghoul-factor of your event.

We’ve had our ghouls create 30 free, downloadable bingo tickets and a calling sheet for you to print off and share with your friends, just to make your bingo nightmare a little easier. Each card of 5 tickets is numbered, meaning it is easy to keep track of who is playing with which card!

Click the buttons below to download the ticket and get daubing, if you dare…

Download in colour

Download in Black and White



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